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Domed Stickers

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Our resin domed stickers are printed in full colour onto self-adhesive vinyl and are finished with a protective domed resin coating that will enhance the appearance and colour vibrancy of your sticker.

The finished product is a "3D" domed sticker, that is not only eye-catching and effective, but scratch resistant and durable. Our domed stickers are custom cut to any shape, at no extra cost.

How to calculate your domed sticker size?

We price our domed stickers by total cm² to ensure total flexibility in shape and size, and we have four size groupings to cover all possibilities:

1 to 5 cm²
6 to 20 cm²
21to 50 cm²
51 to 75 cm²

Simply multiply the Width x Height (in centimetres) of your sticker for the total surface area.

Alternatively, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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