• Design Service

    Add professional design services to your order, from simple file setup and typesetting to custom logo and brand design services.

    File Checks

    FREE With automated proofing and sign-offs.
    • Margins and bleeds
    • Image resolution
    • Colour space
    • Format and sizing
    • Cut lines
    • Media requirements

    Fixed Fees

    from €5 Price excludes VAT.
    • File setup: €10
    • Redraw service: €15
    • Stamp design: €5
    • Business card design: €15
    • Vector cut lines: €10
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    Custom Design

    only €12 p/h Professional graphic design services at affordable rates across our range.
    • Brand design
    • Logo design
    • Conceptualisation
    • Print design
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  • Design Online
    Online print design

    Design online

    Hassle-free design with our easy to use online designer.

    The design file is automatically set-up for printing in a PDF file format with CMYK colour conversions, bleeds and margins ready to go. All automated to make the print ordering process easier. You can download your free design by clicking the download copy button, or by adding the product directly to your shopping cart.

    Setting up files for printing can be complicated, especially for beginners or people who don't have access to design programs such as InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. That's why we decided to develop our own online print designer to help take some of the file setup headache away, and we're always adding new and exciting products and designs to the range.

  • Templates & File Setup

    File Setup

    • What resolution is required for printing?
      To ensure high quality printing resolution, images should be supplied at 300 dpi at 100% of the final output size. DPI stands for dots per inch. The higher dots per inch, the better the print quality. Artwork printed at 300 dpi will present crisp images and sharp text and line art, while artwork printed at 72 dpi will present blurry, pixelated images and text. Please note that most images found on the internet will be 72 dpi and are therefore will not be optimised for high quality printing. For large format printing, we recommend images to be supplied at a minimum of 100 to 150 dpi. 
    • What colour space should be used?
      When creating your artwork, please ensure that the colour space is set up as CMYK within the software application. Please also ensure that all transparencies are flattened. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black), and these are the ink or toner colours that are used to create a full colour (or 4 colour process) print.

      Artwork supplied with RGB colours will result in unexpected print results. The RGB colour space is used by computer monitors, tablets, phones and other devices. PANTONE SPOT COLOURS Please ensure all Pantone spot colours are converted to CMYK, unless spot colours are ordered. Artwork supplied with spot colours will result in unexpected print results. Layout
    • What is a bleed and safety margin?
      The bleed is the area that will be trimmed off when cutting to size. Your artwork must extend to the edge of the bleed, this cannot be white space. We require artwork to be supplied in the correct size with a 3 mm bleed, and a 3 mm safety margin. Our guillotines need this safety area to account for variations in cutting accuracy, and to avoid white edges in your finished product. For example, if your artwork is 85 mm x 55 mm then you need to add 6 mm in total so that your artwork size will be 91 mm x 61 mm. We will cut away the bleed area, leaving you with a finished size of 85 mm x 55 mm. Text and pertinent graphics should be 3 mm inside the cut line on each side. This will ensure no text or graphics are trimmed off during finishing.
    • How to set up pages and spreads for booklets
      We require booklets to be supplied as single PDF pages, with the front cover supplied as the first page of the PDF and the back cover as the last page. Booklets should be supplied in multiples of 4 pages. For example, a 13 page booklet will need a blank page.
    • What file types are required for printing?
      PDF, TIFF and JPEG files are required for print. Please note that a better image quality is printed using PDF or other non-compressed file formats.
    • How to supply fonts for printing
      All fonts must be embedded or outlined. This ensures that your fonts will print as they apprear on screen. We recommend a minimum font size of 7 pt.
    • How to set up pages and spreads for booklets
      We require booklets to be supplied as single PDF pages, with the front cover supplied as the first page of the PDF and the back cover as the last page. Booklets should be supplied in multiples of 4 pages. For example, a 13 page booklet will need a blank page.

Design Services

Investment in graphic design assets is one of the most important aspects of running a successful promotional, print, signage or branding campaign. Well designed visual communication assets can be reused across your marketing collateral creating good brand awareness and a consistent brand identity.

We believe in the power of creativity and influential branding to drive forward and transform organisations. And with an ever-increasing array of marketing mediums and formats, we understand the need for professional print design services. Printco offers complete design services including graphic design, logo and company branding design, print design, vectors and cut line, redrawing and conversation services, file setup and product packaging design.

Our team offer the ultimate in cross-media graphic design and visual communications, with fine tuned experience in design optimisation for the production environment, guaranteeing consistency across media and applications from stationery, business cards and letterheads to product packaging, large format graphics, signage, promotional and apparel design. Our full range of print design services allows you to keep all of your design requirements under one roof. This results in an integrated approach to your branding and ensures you the peace of mind that comes from having your corporate image managed by experienced design professionals.

Contact our creative team for professional design services for your next marketing project, we will help throughout the design and production process from brief to pre-flight proofing, production and delivery.

  • Print Design
    We take pride in our work and understand the importance of print design, and its ability to inform, influence and persuade your target market. Our service is based on a combination of strategic and creative thinking and we are dedicated to working with you to develop your business, conveying your message clearly and concisely. We offer a full range of marketing services to ensure that you can get the best quality design and printing, efficiently managed under one roof. Our designers can advise you on the best method of reaching your intended target audience through our vast array of different outlets for printed media.
  • Logo & Brand Design
    Your logo is invariably the first point of contact with your target market, and one of the simplest ways to create high impact brand recognition. Our logo design services are not only straightforward and hassle free, but most importantly are focused on providing exceptional quality, resulting in a unique logo, that has been created with careful consideration of your target audience, and that will best fit the requirements and ethos of your business. We work in a holistic manner, incorporating your vision and inspiration along with our design expertise to create an eye-catching and highly recognizable business logo.

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