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Directional & Wayfinding Signs

Directional signs and wayfinding systems are designed to assist visitors or staff with navigating around new or complex environments. Directional signage systems are a critical part of an effective signage solution, and are commonly used as parking signs, traffic signs, finger pointers, directory boards, lift signs, foyer and reception signs.

Printco supplies a wide range of stylish, yet versatile and cost-effective wayfinding signage options. With our creative, yet functional range, which includes modular wall, ceiling and pole variations, you can be sure that we can provide you with an effective wayfinding system that will result in a positive user experience and save your organisation time and money.

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Wayfinding Signage

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted
Wall Mounted wayfinding systems include directional boards and projecting signage. Available for both interior and exterior use, and designed for maximum visual appeal, while retaining their navigational functionality.

Hanging Fixtures

Hanging Fixtures
Hanging fixtures and suspended signs are ideal for directional purposes, and are popular for use within corridors and open spaces where overhead signage is practical as it remains noticeable without being in the way. Choose from direct to surface mounts, or from a wide range of ceiling suspension systems.

Post & Panel

Post & Panel
Post & Panel systems are modular signage solutions that allow you to choose the number of panels for your needs, but gives you the flexibility to add additional panels at a later stage. A well designed post and panel system will present a clear and simple wayfinding system.

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