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Sticker Rolls

Stickers & Labels on a Roll

High quality self-adhesive stickers and labels on a roll.

Our stickers and labels are laser cut to any custom shape required. These sticker rolls are perfect for any bespoke label packaging requirement.

Custom shape label rolls provide attractive and unique product branding solutions as the stickers can follow the contour of your logo or packaging. This makes them very popular for labeling on a wide range of products including bottles, tins, jars, plastic wrappers, food cartons, boxes and more.

Available on a huge selection of material and finishes to best suit your application.

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Labels on a Roll Pictures

Packaging Labels

Cáis na Tíre
Irish farmhouse cheese packaging labels on a roll with a varnish finish.


Growler Man
Bottle label rolls for Growler Man with gloss coating.


Lin Kee
Packaging labels for Lin Kee Asian Kitchen in Dublin.

Custom labels

Grandma Henvey's
Product packaging labels for Grandma Henvey's.

Large packaging labels

Premium Pellets
Large gloss laminated vinyl labeling for Premium Pellets.

Label Rolls
Gloss varnished paper labels on a roll for Duck.

Promotion Label

Chia Bia
Labels for Chia Bia product promotion.

Labels on a roll

Round sticker rolls for Saorview.

Specifications & Artwork

  • Label Material
  • Artwork
  • Design Service
  • Downloads

Label Material

Coated White Paper
Uncoated White Paper
Embossed Pearlescent
White or Transparent Vinyl
Gloss Metallic
Removable Vinyl


Gloss lamination
Matt lamination
Gloss Varnish


Sticker & Label Roll Sizes

Minimum Label Size: 3.5 x 1.5 cm
Maximum Label Size: 30.6 x 45 cm
Core: 4 cm or 7.6 cm
Label Shapes: Cut to any shape requires

Templates and Cut Lines
Sticker vector

Our paper or vinyl labels are made to order and can be produced in any shape or size.

Important: Your label should be supplied in the correct size for print, which should match the size ordered. If you need us to scale your artwork, you must let us know. We can scale any artwork that fits your order proportionally but we cannot alter the dimensions of your artwork without quoting for this.

For any custom shaped labels, we require a separate file with a vector cut line as follows:

Cut lines:
- This should be one continuous line with no internal cut-outs
- The cut line should be 100% magenta but any colour will work
- It should be supplied on a separate layer or as a vector, if the line is rasterised to the image it will print in your artwork
- Any fonts in your design should be outlined or converted to curves
- When creating your custom label artwork, don't forget that regular bleed and safety margin rules apply. 

For paper labels, please view our paper sticker templates in the downloads tab. Your final artwork should be supplied without the template overlaid.

Label Resolution
Sticker resolution
To ensure high quality label printing resolution, images should be supplied in 300 dpi at 100% of the final output size. DPI stands for dots per inch. The higher dots per inch, the better the label print quality. Artwork printed at 300 dpi will present crisp images and sharp text and line art, while artwork printed at 72 dpi will present blurry, pixelated images and text. Please note that many images found on the internet will be 72 dpi and are therefore will not be optimised for high quality printing.
Clear / Transparent Labels
Clear / Transparent Stickers
We offer a full colour (process) print on clear labels. This will result in a translucent print. These cost effective labels are ideal for sticking onto white or light coloured surfaces, as this creates a suitable opaque background. They are not suitable for sticking to darker coloured surfaces without a white underpin print. They are also perfect for sticking onto clear surfaces, as long as as you are looking for a translucent result.

White on clear
For high resolution white ink on clear labels, just visit our white ink page and make sure that any white printed areas are supplied in vector format. Printed in gloss (high shine) or lustre matt to suit your requirement.
File Formats
We highly recommend supplying your graphics in a vector format for optimal output. We accept PDF, EPS, SVG, AI, TIF, JPG & PNG, supplied in 300 dpi or higher as applicable.
When creating your artwork, please ensure that the colour space is set up as CMYK within the software application.
Bleeds & Safety Margin
Bleeds & Safety Margin
We require artwork to be supplied in the correct size with a 3 mm bleed, and a 3 mm safety margin.

The bleed is the area that will be trimmed off when cutting to size. Your artwork must extend to the edge of the bleed, this cannot be white space. Our guillotines need this safety area to account for variations in cutting accuracy, and to avoid white edges in your finished product. For example, if your artwork is 85 mm x 55 mm then you need to add 6 mm in total so that your artwork size will be 91 mm x 61 mm. We will cut away the bleed area, leaving you with a finished size of 85 mm x 55 mm.

Text and pertinent graphics should be 3 mm inside the cut line on each side. This will ensure no text or graphics are trimmed off during finishing.

If you have any questions or would like us to check your artwork prior to ordering, please email us on and we'd be happy to help. We offer in-house graphic design, and can quote you on any of your custom design needs. Here are some sample prices, but if you send us your job spec we can provide a formal quote.

Label Artwork Set Up Guide

Label Artwork Set Up Guide
Vector cut lines, bleeds, safety margin, colour space and print resolution guide.

Paper Label Templates

Paper Label Templates
Download our paper label templates here.


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